Friday, May 18, 2012

Sweet Tee

We at Clear Creek Outdoors want to welcome Kind Design to our family.  Take a gander at these tees.  Wow, I think he hit a grand slam with this one.
They run $24.  They are such a comfortable tee!
You can get them here

Friday, May 11, 2012

The Pan

The Frying Pan:  For years I’ve heard and read about it but never
made my way to it.  The fishing has always sounded good but the crowds
made it sound not so good.  This last week the weather looked horrible
so last minute I figured it would be a good time to check out the
fabled Pan.  With snow falling Monday I half-*ss packed my truck with
food, clothes and already wet fire wood and went on my way.  Grabbed
some 5X leader at Clear Creek Outdoors and hit the rainy/snowy highway
headed west.
I arrived a few hours later in a foreign place.  Crap weather with
fishermen sitting in running vehicles keeping warm.  I thought it was
great that their expensive waterproof gear was not working as I put on
my waders and 7 year-old snowboard coat and went on my way! I spent a
while walking and checking it all out and ended up at a deep run in
front of the parking lot. I was throwing a deep weighted setup of
various midges trailing a mysis shrimp and caught a few nice fish on
WD-40s … then I caught a big ole trout on the mysis. It took about 15
minutes, about 25 yards, a few missed nets as he got close in … and
then took off again! Finally success! On 6X tippet and I had a Frying
Pan Pig Cutthroat. I was in pure bliss. Over the course of the evening
I caught some more nice trout and broke off 2 more pigs but I was OK
with that.
Before dark I drove up the dirt road to find a place to camp for the
night and ended up at a cool sandstone wall with a fire pit, and spent
a while working with my wet wood to get it going. Enjoyed the night
thinking of that hoss of a trout  with some beers and a warm fire.
Slept in the back of the Tacoma and awoke to sun and it starting to
warm some. Went back to the same run and I took some pics of the dam
on the way down. Fished same set up and hooked some fish of fair size.
Then trucks started piling in and I quickly realized why I have never
been here.  Tuesday crowds? Jags that walk right up to the pod of fish
you are fishing upstream to and stand 5 ft in front of them? I took a
few pics of them jags in disbelief. Went back to my truck and went a
half mile down stream and had a blast catching 8 to 18 inch trout in
pocket water before I headed home.
I think I got lucky on this trip to have then place to myself for a
while but saw what it is normally like with guys who think its OK to
wish within casting range which is why I seldom fish these famous
spots. That Frying Pan Pig will hold me for quite awhile as I'm much
more attracted to the serenity that other Colorado waters have to

Thanks Again Jon!!!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Love Hate?

Here is another story from Jon.

We all have love hate with some waters and Antero is one of mine. I've spent some long, hard, cold days on this water. This year my good friend called me and said 20 ft of ice was off in one spot and the fish were going crazy. Ice off was ridiculously early.4 people fell thru the ice while ice fishing that day. 2 days later it was on and we were there hammering them but the fights were weak and ice was moving off quickly. Within a week the ice was gone off the lake and the fishing was great.  A week later the fish were still hitting and fighting harder and this is why I love this place. On week 3 I fished the Blue on the way over so I got there late and the fishing was slow the night I arrived. I enjoyed the place to myself as the weather calmed and had a fire that night on the lake in one of the fire pits,slept in the back of my truck and awoke at 400 am with it cold as shiznit. Got out when the sun had warmed things up a bit,had my coffee,cold as the night before in my thermos and went at it again. Nothing...Well I was in no mood for this after a few hours so headed back towards home and hit the Blue again and had a ridiculous few hours there. I hear its still slow at Antero .Hmmm.Ill be back soon.

Thanks Jon!!