Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The Blue

The Blue is a half hour from my doorstep.  I fish here a lot, in the winter especially.  It's a great place to get your sight fishing on!  Light tippet and long leaders help here.  Small indicators are best, not to spook the fish. I almost always nymph here.  Short line high sticking is very effective here.  I prefer to fish the section from Chipotle upstream. Sometimes I make it all the way to the dam.  I'm looking for fish and movement.  If I don't see a fish, I'm moving on.  Unless there is a lot of pressure, I'm usually on the move.  A few great ways to increase your ability to sight fish is to wear polarized sunglasses and when you release a fish, watch him until you can't see him anymore.  This will train your eyes to spot fish and movement!  A dry dropper rig can be very effective when the fish are eating off the top.  Some dry flies to try are Griffith's Gnats, Parachute Adams, and Stimulators.  Sizes 16-20 should work.  Some nymphs and emergers to try would be BHFB Pheasant Tails, RSII's, Juju Baetis, Miracle Midge, and various BWO patterns.  Sizes 18-22.  Some good colors to try are white, olive, and red.  Good luck! Josh