Friday, May 27, 2011

Sorry for the lack of updates.  Here is a quick story with pics from our fishnut Jon Miller.

So after fishing the Blue River, the Colorado and Clear Creek all winter it was time to warm up.  Me and the wife headed to Cozumel Mexico for a few days, and I booked a trip online to try my luck at some bone fishing.  We met our guide at a church in town.  He was in a cab, and the driver told us to follow them so away we went.  A good half hour later down a rough dirt road we arrived to a beat up dock with a bunch of old boats.  The guide picked us up in his old boat and away we went on a 30 min ride.   This time me and the wife were wondering what the hell is going on.  Not many words were said yet and so after we arrived in the flats it was clear the guide spoke very little english,  and we spoke very little Spanish.  Things were not going well in the flats with the communication problem and the wife's sandals, and I was about to motion for him to take us back very frustrated.  He motioned for us to get back in the boat and poled us into a lagoon.  Motioned for me to get out and said practice.  I said yes Mr Meagi.  So I casted away clueless for awhile,  then bam! The first bone was on. I did as I've seen on TV cause i did not understand a word Mr Meagi was saying.  Fifteen min later, after fighting and running, my first bone fish ever was in my hands.  I kept practicing and it paid off.  Ended the day with 17 fish caught and 14 were bones from 12 to 18 inches.  I had that old man calling me good luck.  I think I exceeded my teachers expectations, as I had his head shaking a lot.  The wife loved the lagoon and the warm sun.  It turned out to be a day we will never forget.  We look forward to going back one day and I'll be sure to have Mr Meagi take me to another of his pristine spots.

Thanks Jon & Jen!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Great Footage With My Contour Camera!

These small helmet cams from Contour are awesome!  The things you can do with them is endless.  Now they have a connect view, or a view finder with iPhone.  It is unbelievable.  See for yourself.  This film was shot by me in Fall River, in my backyard.  I attached the camera to a ski pole and jammed it in Fall River and Bingo!

If you are interested in getting a ContourJust Click Here!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


My buddy Chris fishes Cheeseman alot and has been trying to get me over there for awhile.  He has talked about the last few weeks being exceptionally good.  I gave in and we made plans to go early Saturday.  I asked him what they were taking and he said eggs and Dorsey's Grey RS2 size 22.  I called Rob at Clear Creek Outdoors and said I'll by to pick up some RS2s cause I don't have many size 22 flys.  It was forecasted for snow so we packed warm but to our luck it was sunny and in the 60s.  Thanks to the forecast, not to many people showed up to fish.  We started early and both caught 20 inch rainbows within 20 mins of fishing so it looked to be a good day.  A few hours into it I hooked a huge rainbow and yelled to Chris for some assistance netting that beast, if I got lucky enough to keep him on that size 22 RS2.  All worked out and I ended up with the luck of also having him there to capture a photo with me and that awesome fish.  We caught some more fish throughout the day and headed up the Gill trail happy as two fishermen could be. 

Jon Miller   

Thanks for the Pics and Story Jon!!!!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Taylor

Every year it has become a tradition to head south and fish one of my favorite spring fisheries, the Taylor River. Home to the largest rainbow trout in the state, it’s not hard to understand why any angler would not want the challenge of landing the largest trout of their life. We loaded up the trucks and headed out Thursday evening with visions of spotting big red sides, perfect casts and holding on for dear life hoping not to get busted off wondering just how big that fish was. Thankfully we had enough beer and whiskey to settle the nerves.
We arrived at the C&R around 6am with the wind howling, blasting snow sideways and temps in the single digits. Typical spring day on the Taylor! Surprising to us, there were no other anglers on the water. Once we gathered up the courage to hit the water we were pretty dialed in to fish. I started out fishing at the Avalanche Hole and hooked into a nice fish on my first cast of the day only to be broken off as I fumbled around for my net. I proceeded to catch two more within about a half hour and had visions of a pretty epic day. Because of the wind and overcast conditions the visibility was pretty brutal, so site fishing was at a minimum for the first half of the day (at least for my old eyes). We decided to fish the lower section of the C&R as it is more a pure nymphing run not relying so much on spotting the fish. We were catching fish on an assortment of patterns, with nothing real consistent. Early on I had the most success using a palomino midge #22. Around 10am we decided to head up to the upper section and got into some nice slabs on egg and Mysis patterns. The viewing lanes started to open up and the larger fish were on the move. Landed a nice male around 8lbs and brought to hand a few in the 3lb to 4lb range. We continued to fish the upper section until we could not feel our hands any longer and called it a day.
Saturday we arrived at the C&R around 730am (whiskey from the night before) with hopes of better weather and more consistent fishing. As soon as we parked, it began dumping snow. It pretty much snowed all day long! We were pulling fish out of the upper section, but nothing in the size class were looking for. We chased a few fish well over 10lbs, but nothing to the net. Visibility was slightly better than yesterday, but the snow made it tough. We hit it hard until 1pm and headed back to the cabin. A couple of us headed home in hopes of making it back for Easter. The rest of the crew stuck around to fish the afternoon/evening. The report was the same as it had been all day long.
As all good things come to an end, so has this year’s Taylor trip. In addition to the fishing, it is great to get together with my good buds. We will continue to head back year after year with visions of huge, Mysis fed Rainbow Trout and the stories that follow.
Effective patterns:
Mysis, eggs, palomino midge, juju baetis, blood midge

Thanks for the story Jeff!!!

Sunday, May 1, 2011


One more snowboarding post, although it may not be the last this season.  The snow is still falling fast and furious in the high country.  Anyway these pics were from our trip to Vancouver BC.  It was a fabulous trip, steelheading and snowboarding.  I landed 2 chromers (the pics from the 2nd one are still to come) and hit some POW (10in) at Whistler in three consecutive days.  One of my better vacations.  So anyway here are the pics from Whistler Blackcomb.