Monday, October 20, 2014

Cutts & Tigers

Dean and I ran out to Utah's Strawberry Reservoir for Bear Lake Cutts and Scofield Reservoir for Tiger Trout.  Hi did pretty good on this trip but I, not so much!!  That's why they call it fishing not catching.  Here are some pics.  All were caught stripping big streamers!!!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Clear Creek

Clear Creek is my "home water" so I fish it more than probably any other water.  I have been fishing it the same way since the flows have came down from spring run-off.  If I can get away with a dry-fly, that is my preferred way of flyfishing.  That said, I've been using 2 dry flies.  Generally, I will run a bigger one for my lead fly, like a size 12 Amy's Ant.  Red works well.  I like this fly because it has legs, is highly visible, and floats extremely well.  Behind that is a Putterbaugh Caddis, size 18.  It doesn't seem to matter what tippet size you use but generally I have 4 or 5x to my first fly and 5 or 6x on my second fly.  As you will see in my pics, a small Griffiths Knat or Adams also works well.  The fish like to set next to the bank.  I just walk next to the bank, walking upstream and casting to the slower seams and pocket water.  The fish will only average 8 to 10 inches but they are very cooperative and sometimes you even get that explosive take that surprises you with a bigger than average fish!  Good Luck and Tight Lines!  Josh

Thanks Josh