Saturday, February 18, 2012

Jon's Trip to Cheeseman

I've fished Cheeseman Canyon 3 times in the last few weeks from the Gill Trail upstream.  Make sure to get up early and hit the water first to have success. The fish have been holding in deeper, darker water.  The egg sometimes slows down those smart ass fish; fishing 3 midges deep with significant weight has been good.  I have a love -- hate relationship with this place.  Although a few years' experience fishing tougher winter conditions and learning more about winter fishing is starting to lean me towards love.  But you definately have to beat the crowds.  Winter fishing has been great this year and as a Flyfishaholic it is a special time to be on the river.  Many rewarding trout come from winter fishing.

Thursday, February 9, 2012


Well I woke up this morning, getting ready to head into the outdoor store for another day of work, when I decided to check the snow report.  Wow Loveland got 4 inches.  That was a pleasant surprise.  Change of plans, the outdoor store will be late opening up today thursday Feb 9th.  Loveland was incredible.  It was deep in spots.  I guess this is when being a poor self employed jerky pays off.